About Us

At Seasons at La Jolla every resident is treated as an individual—each with their own unique personality, wishes, needs and desires. As staff members learn about a resident’s preferences they can encourage them to make their own decisions about personal issues. The residential atmosphere throughout our community offers residents and staff opportunities to foster bonds and to develop close relationships with each other. Early studies show residents living in this type of setting function at higher cognitive levels, take less medication and are generally much happier.


Our mission is to enable older adults who have been to enjoy life to the fullest and to share with families and friends the responsibility for their care. At our core we serve a broad spectrum of the community, including those whose financial resources are limited.

Seasons at La Jolla seeks to achieve the highest level of quality in everything we do and to serve as a model to the senior care community. Our highest priority is to preserve the dignity and quality of life of those we serve.

Rhythm of Our Day

The rhythm of our day starts with breakfast on a resident’s own timetable. The day then becomes busy as we roll out a choice of activities, trips, entertainment and pleasurable family visits. Music often fills the air after lunch. Whether we sing or listen to a concert, music is a fun, easy-going activity that stirs the soul. As the afternoon winds down, a delicious dinner is served, complete with fresh flowers and soft music.

Evening may feature a specially designed game and then a movie that brings back fond memories. Throughout the day you will find ALL members of our highly trained staff involved in every aspect of care for your loved one, just as you would find in a family setting.

Families as Care Partners

The most important members of our care team are the resident’s family. We join the journey of families through support, education and ongoing communication. Often, families hold the keys that unlock the mysteries of our resident’s past, helping us to better care for our residents today. To achieve this, we hold family orientations, supply a resource library, offer a dining in room for family and residents to dine together, and family support and education groups. In addition, we issue a monthly communication to families.

Seasons at La Jolla

6211 La Jolla Hermosa Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037

Phone: (858) 456-8619

Email: barrett@seasonsatlajolla.com